My 3 Simple Rules To Stay In Shape

I know it’s very clichè when people start giving out free advice about losing weight but this is just something that has worked for me and if someone else can benefit from it too then it’ll be worth the time I spent writing this out!

These are very basic rules that I have stuck to. If you really follow these few steps then you could be on your way to a healthier and stronger you.

1. Meal times (70% of your diet)
It’s easy to eat what’s available and hassle free especially if you’ve had a long day at work or other commitments of yours. It’s important to realise that change will be difficult at first and you just have to make a conscious effort to eat right. Add lots of colours in your meals: red bell peppers, green beans. I personally love broccoli and love adding it to most of my meals! Also eating consciously, meaning knowing when you are full. Even if that means leaving what’s in your plate. (You’ll learn to create the right portion sizes for yourself once you get into it.) I’ve always had a hard time resisting crisps, cakes and chocolates, as I’m sure we all have at some point, and by eating healthier it’s left me feeling fuller for longer which means no snacking most days especially not on junk food! Stick to your full three meals. No snacks whatsoever. You’ll get your ‘treat’ when your reach your goals.


2. Workout (20% of your diet)
The body only really needs one day of rest. Even if you just make yourself go out for a 20min walk that could be the difference between you reaching your goals and going back to your bad habits! I love the outdoors although some days can be so horrid and just way too cold, I still try to make myself go out there for even 20mins and it always leaves me feeling good. I do my cardio in the morning sometimes mixing it up with some toning routines. Some days I leave the toning routines for before dinner in the evening. Keep a good mix so you don’t get bored!

3. Water
Everyone’s heard this a lot. Hydrating yourself is important, especially if you plan to start an intense workout regime. One of my favourite ways of hydrating myself first thing in the mornings is by adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in my glass of water. This has helped my digestion, getting rid ofanything my body doesn’t need!

Don’t forget you need to be eating your fruits and veg everyday so make it fun and exciting! Try a different fruit everyday. You might discover something you love. Add colourful vegetables to your favourite meals. It makes all the difference in the world. It’s nothing new, I know but it’s new for me and I wanted to share my thoughts! What’s your favourite trick that works for you?

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A Month On

I have officially reached my one month milestone! Despite the odd days where I did go off track my diet and workout routines, I persevered and here I am. I already saw changes in my body by the end of two weeks, now it’s all about staying here and not getting back into my old habits.

One of the best things I’ve noticed for my digestive system has been the apple cider vinegar and water I have first thing in the mornings. It really helps flush out everything leaving you feeling nice and empty, read for a healthy breakfast. My evening meals have been fairly light and they should be. Sleeping on an incredibly full stomach will not help your body as the food will just sit there all night. Early meals, small portions. You should wake up starving! Some people say they can’t workout early mornings and need to eat something before they do. Just make sure it’s not a huge meal. High fibre foods or natural sugars can be eaten straight after a straining workout.


I’ve got birthdays coming up next week which means party food! But it doesn’t mean you have to sit there and consume everyone’s share. You can still stay on track by keeping your portions small and chewing your food nice and slowly.

Let me know how your week went and what you plan to do if you’ve got dinner parties coming up too. đź’‹

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“It Will Just Get Easier”…

..I keep telling myself! To some extent it’s true. I’m here to give you an update of my progress with my fitness challenge so far. I’ve just completed week 3 and I’ve had a hard time sticking to certain foods all due a busier schedule then usual.

My week kickstarted on Monday morning with my toning up plus cardio routines. It gives me a real boost when I’ve set my mind to do something and actually follow through. I would rather spend my time running outside in the cold then going to the gym and saddling up on a treadmill. Hey, it works better for some people! Tuesday went by with housework and an evening workout. I tried out one of Jamie Olivers 15 minute meals. I want to be healthy. I dont want to starve myself! I was at home for most of the day and this lead to unhealthy thoughts, however. So i found myself munching and snacking on items i had managed to go without for over 2 weeks! Grr. Come Wednesday and I was really needing my run again at this point but in the end i settled for another home tone up routine. I hadn’t had any access to a vehicle for the whole week by then and it gets frustrating when you rely on it to do the smallest of chores. I got by and thought of using public transport to help me get around Thursday morning. I had a saviour to get me to my destination on that cold, cold day, luckily. I managed to walk for just over 1k for that day. Which was welcomed considering the week I’d had. My husband had promised to show support and run with me on Friday and there he was. Home early from work and ready to hit the roads…also do some cardio. (Personal Joke!) I can’t say that my husband does a lot of running, he’s more into lifting and is quite lean anyway (Jealous), but he really helps motivate me when we run together. Just having someone there gives you the boost to go faster and farther. Maybe it’s because I can be quite competitive? Maybe.

My Sunday had me doing a 5k run first thing. I’m addicted to this! The rush you get. Can I make it another mile today? The desire to do better then yesterday. The need to beat your best time. The welcoming pain in your calves. Shortening of breath and finally you have to stop for a big gulp of oxygen. I love it.

Its Monday morning again and it’s time for my workout for the day! Followed by some healthy recipes for later. Any ideas on healthy recipes I can try out using shredded beef? Anyone?



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I’m Back With A Bang!

This is my first post after a very long break. But I’m back! And I’ve got a story to tell.

I recently started thinking about my life (as you do) and started wondering where I was going with it. I’ve got so much time on my hands, I need to get creative. For a long time I experimented with my baking skills then I moved onto cooking all kinds of new dishes. I even took up piano lessons again! I conquered these ‘hobbies’ and was still wanting more.

One day I came across a fitness challenge – all for the big V day, of course. Get fit by Valentines day, it said. I don’t believe in Valentines day and so I almost stopped reading. The fitness challenges, however, were quite intense and so here I am, 2 weeks on, trying to prove to myself more than anything that I can actually get through this and keep going way past Valentines day!

I started on the 19th of January and I’m going stronger by the day. I’ve had a few bumps in the road. It all comes down to what I’m eating! My meals haven’t been as planned out as I’d like them to be but I’m learning and this is all a part of my learning experience. All down from what foods are good for you, for boosting your metabolism to how many minutes I can plank for! I can proudly say that I’ve broken my 20 second record and have gone way past a minute of planking!

I’m going to log my weeks worth of training and tell about how I kept myself motivated to go out for that 5k run every week or how I resisted irresistable desserts staring at my face every single week!

So see you next Sunday!

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Our parents do it. Our grandparents do it. Our great grandparents probably did it too. Everyone has their favourite person in the family, who they look out for more, but why do we do it? Being born in a big family, favouritism was inevitable. Sometimes it’s the prettiest, mostly it’s the youngest. The eldest child gets the responsibilities. The parent who gives in to your stubborn tantrums more often gets the vote. The kid who’s socially awkward blends in with the background. The chatterbox talks their way through to getting bigger presents then their other siblings.

You might say our culture nurtures some bad habits. We talk about ‘that’ child as if he’s an outcast. By ‘we’ I mean grown ups, supposedly the more sensible of the lot. We talk about our kid as if he’s invisible and has no sense to what we’re speaking of. In fact, it etches into their brains so much so, that they will start believing it too. They will believe that they really are ‘good for nothing’. They are very friendly but don’t have the skills to talk to people and start a conversation. They will also believe when you say they are very talented. So why instigate them to revolt with our negative words. Why not take the reverse psychology approach. Your kid is too shy to make friends? Talk about how he never gives up and forces himself out of his comfort zone to approach new people and make new friends. Most probably he is already aware of his weaknesses and he does not need you to feed it anymore.

I’ve seen my elders take part in this and it’s not pretty. It’s actually quite petty when you realise what’s going on. Having said that, if you’re the favourite, it can be fun. All the attention, the love. I know what it feels like and despite all the perks, I despise being the favourite. Maybe it’s easier for me to say, since I’ve already experienced it, rather am a part of it.

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Where’s Your Inspiration?

Looking at my ‘dashboard‘, I see 41 views today and I start wondering who read my blogs and which ones they thought were worth reading. I sit down some nights wanting to write, but I lack the inspiration I need to write an amazing piece. The number 41 helped a little, I must say, since that’s the most views I’ve had ever. I’m a very well organised artist,my mind is an organised mess, my work is an organised mess. I need to see an order in things. Right now the only order in my life has been working like a maniac, getting up in the early hours of the morning, when everything is still and dark, walking through the chill crisp wind making my way to the bus stop, on an hour and a half (sometimes two hours) journey to get to class on time. Surprisingly, having to walk a couple of miles to and from my destination, hasn’t been enough exercise for me. My metabolism has slowed down somewhat, building up on, what could someday be, a double chin.

Even with work, my inspiration doesn’t come easy. Originality in my work is very important. Sometimes I can’t quite tap into that area of my brain, where I have brilliant ideas stored. They’re rusting away in the corner of my mind because I’ve failed to retrieve them in time. When I do finally reach that corner and grab a handful of my brilliance, I won’t settle for anything other then the idea I have building in my head. It can be a huge inconvenience sometimes. I’m so stubborn, I won’t even listen to myself! Deadlines can be a bitch. I like to work at my own pace. Getting into that frame of mind takes longer then I’d like but then again life doesn’t always follow your plans.

I write best when I’m at the height of my emotions. Mostly anger or even when I’m sad. My pieces of work are a bit of a paradox (if you may) to my personality, as I’m an optimistic person and yet everything I create has a dark mysterious element to it. Where do you get your inspiration from?

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Women Are Their Own Heroes Now

Back in the days, a man was always measured by how hard he worked and cultivated and by how well he protected his wife and children. Women saw them as their protectors, their heroes. Men spent their time out working, while the women stayed at home, cooking and taking care of the house and children. So what changed? How did women get to this platform where they can stand as equals in a man’s world? Do women not want to be protected any more? Has the pain, they’ve had to endure in life, caused them to be somewhat stronger and more determined in life? The world has taken away a man’s reason for being a man. Sometimes it’s a good thing when your whole world turns upside down. You get a new perspective on things. You can relate to others losses, their pain.

Throughout history, from the great wars right down to sports, women have proved again and again of their capabilities to stand side by side with men, maybe even a few steps higher. How is it then that we’re brought right back to where we started from as soon as a man is threatened by our presence? Threatened we might overtake, do better and prove them wrong? Does pride step in, therefore, making it harder to appreciate your ‘opponents’ success?

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Strange Entities

Do you find me strange in my strange ways? The way I walk, the way I talk. My voice, my choice. My gait, am I really straight? How do you look at someone and not pass judgement? I look at you and I pause momentarily. I gather my thoughts, before I start letting them run free. You seem strange. Different. Your singing, your humming, your happy. You lean forward and breathe on the window, fogging it up. Without thinking twice you start drawing out strange letters, which makes up strange words. My brows tense and I squint my eyes, making sure my -1.25 vision hasn’t deceived me. No. Your strange. Your happy and your humming as your hands wipe off the profanity that once lingered on the glass. You draw more letters, words, phrases. More profanity. I wonder if your okay. How strange. People look at you, wondering, judging, not knowing what to make of your obscene gesture, as you look around at their faces. They gape and frown. You seem happy by that reaction. You skip off, smugly. Do I seem strange to you? I sip my warm festive drink. I gaze around at the strange faces everywhere. The rush to be somewhere, the thought of retreating on your bed when you reach your humble abode, the warmth of his hand holding onto yours. I like these strange entities and their strange behaviours. You make my stay on this planet all the more beautiful.

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Breaking the Silence

Listen to the silence. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of the world going by, it’s the sound of the music in your ears. Can you hear it? You watch silently. You let out a laugh, almost like a whisper, the wind carries it across, as you watch, and illuminates her world. You look deep into her eyes, and almost as if you spoke a language no one could hear or understand, she smiles at you as she lays her head to rest on your shoulders. Your eyes speak unspoken words, oblivious of crowds, of pandemonium, only listening to one others voice. Is it beautiful how you chose the sounds you wish to listen to, how focused your mind can be when the world has been blocked out or is it a tragedy how you’ll never hear what I hear, speak what’s been held in your heart, stuck behind a barrier, your longing to just hear her voice once? Her eyes sparkle at the sight of your face, but does she long to hear you too?

One day, when  you leave this life behind, making your way to the next, you know you’ll hear her call your name. Your not scared, your not doubtful. Your sure, your happy you found her and she found you. Everything is alright.

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My Baby Sister

There are endless conversations I want to have with you. There are countless secrets I want to share with you. There are a millions traits I adore about you. There are also a few things I hate about you. There aren’t enough words to express how much of my life revolves around you. Someone up there knew, exactly what I needed, when He was giving me my sister. Despite being younger, you’ve always been the one to take care of me, you’ve always knocked sense into me (Although it only ever took one knock!) You’ve always held tight, even when my fingers lost their grip. Thank you for that.

I love your courage, I love how your always so brave. I love the way we burst into fits of laughter, with just one glance. I love how awkward your grammar can be at times. I love how you understand me with very little words. I love how you laugh at me and my jokes. I love how you swear at men, for just being men. I love your tantrums, but I hate them just as much! I love the way you try to lie, but make silly excuses instead. I love the way you secretly leave me notes by my bedside. You make me smile but you also make me cry. Sometimes I just want to sit with me while I ponder. Sometimes I just want you to lay with me while I fall asleep. Sometimes I just need your hugs. Sometimes I just need your friendship. Sometimes I just want you all to myself. Sometimes I get jealous that I have to share. Sometimes I can’t stand that I don’t get enough time any more. Sometimes I’m just as stubborn as you are. There’s no one in this world who can ever take your place in my life. You have always been my better half.

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