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Strange Entities

Do you find me strange in my strange ways? The way I walk, the way I talk. My voice, my choice. My gait, am I really straight? How do you look at someone and not pass judgement? I look at … Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence

Listen to the silence. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of the world going by, it’s the sound of the music in your ears. Can you hear it? You watch silently. You let out a laugh, almost like a … Continue reading

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My Baby Sister

There are endless conversations I want to have with you. There are countless secrets I want to share with you. There are a millions traits I adore about you. There are also a few things I hate about you. There … Continue reading

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Meeting at 10.40am. You get there on time but it’s running 20mins late. You hang around anxiously as you have another commitment at 12.30. Okay. 11.00am. Still no call for you to come through. 11.15am. Finally. Let’s make it quick. … Continue reading

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The Painted World

Okay. So I have some major trust issues. Anything all too clichéd is always a trigger for my panic button. If it’s too perfect, I’ll question it a million times, before accepting it can be mine. I believe the hurdles that I’ve … Continue reading

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Just The Beginning

Beginnings aren’t easy. Well, they’re not. Bit confusing really. Like the first’s of any mundane task. Cleaning your room? Gosh, where do you begin? First day of school? Don’t want a stranger telling me there’s no mama here. I want … Continue reading

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