Meeting at 10.40am. You get there on time but it’s running 20mins late. You hang around anxiously as you have another commitment at 12.30. Okay. 11.00am. Still no call for you to come through. 11.15am. Finally. Let’s make it quick. 11.30am. Your out. Running to catch the bus. Running to catch the train. 12.15pm. Still not anywhere near your destination. 12.30pm. Panic. Maybe you’ll call and they’ll understand. You don’t have your phone so you jump into the nearest phone box. You apologize and wonder if you can still join in? No. Disappointed but you weren’t expecting a yes anyway! You decide you’ll ring your friend and meet up earlier then planned. One ring. Two rings. Your through. You make your way to the next station. Again you jump into a phone box to ring up again and let your presence be known. Lift receiver. Insert coin. Coin gets stuck. Bang on the phone box. Nothing. Try another box. Lift receiver. Insert coin. Wait. Coin gets stuck again! Bang on the phone box harder. Frustration. This time try a something lower then a £1 coin. Another phone box. Another coin. Stuck again! Bang on the phone box, bang the door. Another phone box. Paper stuffed in the ‘insert coin’ area. I give up. I’m going home.


About Sara I Saqib

A mummy blogger inspired by her little bundle of joy to share her first time experiences of motherhood.
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