My Baby Sister

There are endless conversations I want to have with you. There are countless secrets I want to share with you. There are a millions traits I adore about you. There are also a few things I hate about you. There aren’t enough words to express how much of my life revolves around you. Someone up there knew, exactly what I needed, when He was giving me my sister. Despite being younger, you’ve always been the one to take care of me, you’ve always knocked sense into me (Although it only ever took one knock!) You’ve always held tight, even when my fingers lost their grip. Thank you for that.

I love your courage, I love how your always so brave. I love the way we burst into fits of laughter, with just one glance. I love how awkward your grammar can be at times. I love how you understand me with very little words. I love how you laugh at me and my jokes. I love how you swear at men, for just being men. I love your tantrums, but I hate them just as much! I love the way you try to lie, but make silly excuses instead. I love the way you secretly leave me notes by my bedside. You make me smile but you also make me cry. Sometimes I just want to sit with me while I ponder. Sometimes I just want you to lay with me while I fall asleep. Sometimes I just need your hugs. Sometimes I just need your friendship. Sometimes I just want you all to myself. Sometimes I get jealous that I have to share. Sometimes I can’t stand that I don’t get enough time any more. Sometimes I’m just as stubborn as you are. There’s no one in this world who can ever take your place in my life. You have always been my better half.


About Sara I Saqib

A mummy blogger inspired by her little bundle of joy to share her first time experiences of motherhood.
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2 Responses to My Baby Sister

  1. I dont know why i never got an email when you posted these other blogs but im looking at some of your stuff and whoaa… especially this one :’) brought a tear to my eye. Sisters are the best arent they ^^

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