Where’s Your Inspiration?

Looking at my ‘dashboard‘, I see 41 views today and I start wondering who read my blogs and which ones they thought were worth reading. I sit down some nights wanting to write, but I lack the inspiration I need to write an amazing piece. The number 41 helped a little, I must say, since that’s the most views I’ve had ever. I’m a very well organised artist,my mind is an organised mess, my work is an organised mess. I need to see an order in things. Right now the only order in my life has been working like a maniac, getting up in the early hours of the morning, when everything is still and dark, walking through the chill crisp wind making my way to the bus stop, on an hour and a half (sometimes two hours) journey to get to class on time. Surprisingly, having to walk a couple of miles to and from my destination, hasn’t been enough exercise for me. My metabolism has slowed down somewhat, building up on, what could someday be, a double chin.

Even with work, my inspiration doesn’t come easy. Originality in my work is very important. Sometimes I can’t quite tap into that area of my brain, where I have brilliant ideas stored. They’re rusting away in the corner of my mind because I’ve failed to retrieve them in time. When I do finally reach that corner and grab a handful of my brilliance, I won’t settle for anything other then the idea I have building in my head. It can be a huge inconvenience sometimes. I’m so stubborn, I won’t even listen to myself! Deadlines can be a bitch. I like to work at my own pace. Getting into that frame of mind takes longer then I’d like but then again life doesn’t always follow your plans.

I write best when I’m at the height of my emotions. Mostly anger or even when I’m sad. My pieces of work are a bit of a paradox (if you may) to my personality, as I’m an optimistic person and yet everything I create has a dark mysterious element to it. Where do you get your inspiration from?


About Sara I Saqib

A mummy blogger inspired by her little bundle of joy to share her first time experiences of motherhood.
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2 Responses to Where’s Your Inspiration?

  1. Shams says:

    Just keep going ! keep writing ! one day you will write a masterpiece ! but for that you really have to touch the peak of your emotions !

    Smooth seas never make good sailors !

    Keep Sailing until u reach deep waters !

    Good Luck !

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