“It Will Just Get Easier”…

..I keep telling myself! To some extent it’s true. I’m here to give you an update of my progress with my fitness challenge so far. I’ve just completed week 3 and I’ve had a hard time sticking to certain foods all due a busier schedule then usual.

My week kickstarted on Monday morning with my toning up plus cardio routines. It gives me a real boost when I’ve set my mind to do something and actually follow through. I would rather spend my time running outside in the cold then going to the gym and saddling up on a treadmill. Hey, it works better for some people! Tuesday went by with housework and an evening workout. I tried out one of Jamie Olivers 15 minute meals. I want to be healthy. I dont want to starve myself! I was at home for most of the day and this lead to unhealthy thoughts, however. So i found myself munching and snacking on items i had managed to go without for over 2 weeks! Grr. Come Wednesday and I was really needing my run again at this point but in the end i settled for another home tone up routine. I hadn’t had any access to a vehicle for the whole week by then and it gets frustrating when you rely on it to do the smallest of chores. I got by and thought of using public transport to help me get around Thursday morning. I had a saviour to get me to my destination on that cold, cold day, luckily. I managed to walk for just over 1k for that day. Which was welcomed considering the week I’d had. My husband had promised to show support and run with me on Friday and there he was. Home early from work and ready to hit the roads…also do some cardio. (Personal Joke!) I can’t say that my husband does a lot of running, he’s more into lifting and is quite lean anyway (Jealous), but he really helps motivate me when we run together. Just having someone there gives you the boost to go faster and farther. Maybe it’s because I can be quite competitive? Maybe.

My Sunday had me doing a 5k run first thing. I’m addicted to this! The rush you get. Can I make it another mile today? The desire to do better then yesterday. The need to beat your best time. The welcoming pain in your calves. Shortening of breath and finally you have to stop for a big gulp of oxygen. I love it.

Its Monday morning again and it’s time for my workout for the day! Followed by some healthy recipes for later. Any ideas on healthy recipes I can try out using shredded beef? Anyone?




About Sara I Saqib

A mummy blogger inspired by her little bundle of joy to share her first time experiences of motherhood.
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