My 3 Simple Rules To Stay In Shape

I know it’s very clichè when people start giving out free advice about losing weight but this is just something that has worked for me and if someone else can benefit from it too then it’ll be worth the time I spent writing this out!

These are very basic rules that I have stuck to. If you really follow these few steps then you could be on your way to a healthier and stronger you.

1. Meal times (70% of your diet)
It’s easy to eat what’s available and hassle free especially if you’ve had a long day at work or other commitments of yours. It’s important to realise that change will be difficult at first and you just have to make a conscious effort to eat right. Add lots of colours in your meals: red bell peppers, green beans. I personally love broccoli and love adding it to most of my meals! Also eating consciously, meaning knowing when you are full. Even if that means leaving what’s in your plate. (You’ll learn to create the right portion sizes for yourself once you get into it.) I’ve always had a hard time resisting crisps, cakes and chocolates, as I’m sure we all have at some point, and by eating healthier it’s left me feeling fuller for longer which means no snacking most days especially not on junk food! Stick to your full three meals. No snacks whatsoever. You’ll get your ‘treat’ when your reach your goals.


2. Workout (20% of your diet)
The body only really needs one day of rest. Even if you just make yourself go out for a 20min walk that could be the difference between you reaching your goals and going back to your bad habits! I love the outdoors although some days can be so horrid and just way too cold, I still try to make myself go out there for even 20mins and it always leaves me feeling good. I do my cardio in the morning sometimes mixing it up with some toning routines. Some days I leave the toning routines for before dinner in the evening. Keep a good mix so you don’t get bored!

3. Water
Everyone’s heard this a lot. Hydrating yourself is important, especially if you plan to start an intense workout regime. One of my favourite ways of hydrating myself first thing in the mornings is by adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in my glass of water. This has helped my digestion, getting rid ofanything my body doesn’t need!

Don’t forget you need to be eating your fruits and veg everyday so make it fun and exciting! Try a different fruit everyday. You might discover something you love. Add colourful vegetables to your favourite meals. It makes all the difference in the world. It’s nothing new, I know but it’s new for me and I wanted to share my thoughts! What’s your favourite trick that works for you?


About Sara I Saqib

A mummy blogger inspired by her little bundle of joy to share her first time experiences of motherhood.
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