Just Me

Everyone is trying to “find” themselves. Most people spend all their lives trying to find themselves. How can you find something you’ve never known? I’m never constant. I’m always changing, evolving, learning, growing. I’m not trying to find myself. I’m trying to explore what I am and what else I can be.

I am a daughter. I’ve grown up holding my mothers finger, who is forever guiding me in the right direction. That doesn’t mean I’ve always chosen to follow that path. I’ve wandered my own way, sometimes gotten lost, stumbled across a lot of bumps along the road. My father, the ever silent but the wisest man I’ve known, always the first one to find me when I cry for help. He understands, he listens, he gives and he gives. I am a sister. Forever loving and hating my siblings. I am a girl. Of a few words. I am in love with this world, with the people in it, the nature that surrounds it, the infinite beauty yet to be discovered. I want to sing out loud when the rain pours down on my face and clouds dance in unison. I love to throw my head back and burst into fits of laughter. I love photography. I love the piano. I love early mornings. I love late nights. I love dancing & skipping. I love the smell of waffles. I love travelling. I’m in love with life.

There are times when life gets you down though. It’s not your queue to give up. Its your time to fight. Everything in your life has got to be worth a fight. Or it’s not worth being there in the first place.

I said I’m always growing, but inside i don’t ever want to grow up. I don’t want to forget what it’s like to be carefree. What its like to run around the streets without thinking twice. What it’s like not to know when your being judged or criticised. What it’s like to just follow your heart.


3 Responses to Just Me

  1. Nabeel Riaz says:

    wow Sara, thts amazing. liked how you portrayed your life in words.

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