A Month On

I have officially reached my one month milestone! Despite the odd days where I did go off track my diet and workout routines, I persevered and here I am. I already saw changes in my body by the end of two weeks, now it’s all about staying here and not getting back into my old habits.

One of the best things I’ve noticed for my digestive system has been the apple cider vinegar and water I have first thing in the mornings. It really helps flush out everything leaving you feeling nice and empty, read for a healthy breakfast. My evening meals have been fairly light and they should be. Sleeping on an incredibly full stomach will not help your body as the food will just sit there all night. Early meals, small portions. You should wake up starving! Some people say they can’t workout early mornings and need to eat something before they do. Just make sure it’s not a huge meal. High fibre foods or natural sugars can be eaten straight after a straining workout.


I’ve got birthdays coming up next week which means party food! But it doesn’t mean you have to sit there and consume everyone’s share. You can still stay on track by keeping your portions small and chewing your food nice and slowly.

Let me know how your week went and what you plan to do if you’ve got dinner parties coming up too. 💋


About Sara I Saqib

A mummy blogger inspired by her little bundle of joy to share her first time experiences of motherhood.
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